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SICCOM in the news papers

El_instalador_Climatizacion 2011 > In its special edition for the exhibition Climatización, El Instalador present SICCOM’s new condensate removal pump, the FLOWATCH® TANK 1.3 l.

JDC_mars_2011 > SUNNY FLOWATCH®, pump for condensing boilers and air conditioners, can be placed everywhere... even in JDC, French magazine of heating and sanitary!

CLIMA+CONFORT january 2011 > New pump and new communication in 2011! Find SICCOM in CLIMA+CONFORT, French magazine specialized in energy efficiency and building internal comfort.

Agence Presse SICCOM janvier 2011 > Agence presse relieves the launching of the FLOWATCH® Tank, new SICCOM’s condensate removal pump.