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Lounges and Exhibitions

Lounges and exhibitions

Find our products and our new inventions on the lounges in which we participated.

Professional Exhibitions Places Dates
AQUATHERM Almaty (KAZAKHSTAN) From 05th to 08th september 2017
INTERCLIMA Paris (FRANCE) From 07th to 14th november 2017
AHR Chicago (USA) From 22th to 24 january 2018
HVAC SHOW London (UNITED KINGDOM) From 23th to 25 january 2018
ACREX Bangalore (INDIA) From 22th to 24th february 2018
CLIMATE WORLD Moscow (RUSSIA) From 27th february to 2nd march 2018
MOSTRA CONVEGNO Milan (ITALIA) From 13th to 16th march 2018
CHILLVENTA Nuremberg (GERMANY) From 16th to 18th october 2018

Lounges and exhibitions pictures gallery

AQUATHERM 2017 ESCOFERIA 2016 CHINA REFRIGERATION 2016 MOSTRA CONVEGNO 2016 MOSTRA CONVEGNO 2016 CLIMATE WORD 2016 CHINA REFRIGERATION 2015 CHINA REFRIGERATION 2015 EF2014 EF2014 AHR 2014 Journée client chez SALVADOR ESCODA Journée client chez SALVADOR ESCODA Climate World 2014 Climate World 2014 Mostra conegno 2014 Mostra conegno 2014 salon China refrigeration 2014 salon China refrigeration 2014 salon Interclima 2013 salon Climatizacion 2013 salon AHR 2013 salon Interclima 2012 salon Chillventa 2012 Mostra convegno 2012